Ford Econoline Wagon Car Insurance Quote

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Vehicle Model MPG
Highway City Used Price
Used Price
Private Party
Original MSRP
2009 Ford Econoline Wagon NA NA NA $12,550 $11,064 $28,165
2008 Ford Econoline Wagon NA NA NA $10,454 $8,953 $26,135
2007 Ford Econoline Wagon NA NA NA $8,434 $7,347 $25,575
2006 Ford Econoline Wagon 15 17 15 $6,571 $5,319 $25,375
2005 Ford Econoline Wagon NA NA NA $6,264 $5,123 $31,355
2004 Ford Econoline Wagon 15 18 15 $4,061 $2,921 $24,790
2003 Ford Econoline Wagon 14 16 14 $3,543 $2,415 $24,150
2002 Ford Econoline Wagon NA NA NA $3,404 $2,364 $29,395
2001 Ford Econoline Wagon 14 18 14 $2,612 $1,569 $23,140
2000 Ford Econoline Wagon 14 16 14 $2,653 $1,610 NA
Tips for Cheaper Auto Insurance Costs
  • Get online insurance quotes regularly to find the best rates.
  • Ask your current auto insurance agent for a new quote or better rate.
  • Insure multiple vehicles with the same company as well as any business vehicles.
  • Bundle different types of insurance policies together, like home and health insurance.
  • Improve your risk profile.

There are a variety of factors that affect insurance premiums, such as the type of car you drive and the amount of coverage you get. Obviously, more expensive cars with lower deductibles will pay more for collision insurance. Additionally, safer cars are often cheaper to insure. People who drive less usually pay lower rates.

Other factors include your driving record, age, marital status, location, and gender. Your credit history can also affect your rates. It might be a good idea to know your credit record as this could prevent you from getting the best rates.

Many insurance companies offer cheap insurance for members of certain groups, such as the US military and veterans, universities and alumni, educational and teacher organizations, AARP, newly retired and seniors, and business and social organizations. Many professions can receive a discount, such as nurses, doctors, federal and state employees, and teachers.

Additionally discounts can be found if payment is made in full, automatic or online billing, good students, taking a defensive driver course, anti-lock brakes, a car alarm, or low mileage drivers.

Many companies have special programs for teenagers, SR-22, families, etc...

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Top Car Insurance Companies by Market Share
Company Market Share
State Farm Group 18.48%
Berkshire Hathaway Insurance (GEICO, etc) 10.24%
Allstate Insurance Group 9.93%
Progressive Insurance Group 8.45%
Farmers Insurance Group 5.43%
USAA Group 5.04%
Liberty Mutual Insurance 4.97%
Nationwide Group 4.00%
American Family Insurance Group 1.89%
Travelers Group 1.75%
Company Market Share
Hartford Insurance Group 1.29%
Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group 1.23%
Erie Insurance Group 1.22%
MetLife Personal Lines Group 1.21%
Mercury General Group 1.17%
CSAA Insurance Group 1.10%
Auto-Owners Insurance Group 0.98%
Auto Club Group 0.86%
MAPFRE North America Group 0.83%
National General Group 0.70%