$9,000 Credit Card Debt Calculator

How long will it take to pay off $9,000 in credit card debt? When will I payoff my $9k debt? This calculator will compute the time it takes to pay off your debt given a fixed payment each month.
Current Balance
Monthly Payment
New Monthly Charges
Interest Rate (APR)
It will take 17 months to pay off your balance.
You will pay a total of $1,029 in interest.
Here is how your balance will change over time:
Time Balance
initial $9,000
3 months $7,519
6 months $5,982
9 months $4,386
1 year $2,730
1 year, 3 months $1,011
1 year, 5 months $0
Tips to pay down your balance
1. Use a Balance Transfer Card
Some cards will give you a lower interest rate, or even zero percent, for a limited time when you transfer your balance. Consider getting a new credit card with a generous balance transfer offer.
2. Consider a Debt Consolidation Loan
Combine your credit card debts into one loan with a lower interest rate.
3. Pay Off High Interest Cards First
Do you have multiple credit cards with balances? Pay off the cards with the highest APRs first. Then, when the debt is at zero, cancel the card. Keeping track of multiple cards can result in unnecessary fees.
4. Return Unneeded Purchases
Many stores, such as Costco, Walmart, and Amazon have generous return policies and will accept returns for 90 days or even a year after the purchase - for any reason. Consider returning recent, unnecessary purchases.
5. Ask for Fee Relief
Do you have late fees or other fees? Try calling customer service and politely asking for the fees to be waived as a courtesy.