Financial Calculators

Investment and Savings

Inflation Calculator
Buying power of a dollar between 1914-2018
Millionaire Calculator
How long will it take for you to reach a net worth of $1,000,000?
Retirement Savings Calculator
How much do you need to save to meet your retirement goals?
How Long Will Your Savings Last?
... if you stopped working today
Investment Rate of Return Calculator
Based on the sale price and purchase price, calculate the annual rate of return
Savings Calculator
How much will your investment will be worth if it goes up by a certain percent every year?
Annuity Calculator
How much will your investment will be worth if you add to it every year?

Date and Time Calculators

Hours, Minutes, and Seconds Calculator
Adds hours, minutes, and seconds
Timesheet Calculator
Calculates the time difference between a start and end time
Day Calculator
For any date, determine the day of the week and the day of the year

Personal Finance

Gas Savings Calculator
Compare the fuel costs of two different vehicles
Lunch Savings Calculator
How much will you save by bringing your lunch instead of going out?
Credit Card Payment Calculator
How long will it take you to pay off your credit card?
Credit Card Payoff Calculator
To eliminate your credit card debt, how much must you pay every month?

Home and Car Loans

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Based on the purchase amount, what will the payments be?
Mortgage Calculator
What's the most expensive house you can afford?
Income Needed for House Calculator
How much will you need to make to afford a house?
Early Payoff Mortgage Calculator
How quickly will you pay off your mortgage if you pay a little extra every month?
Low-Interest Loan or Rebate Calculator
When buying a car, should you take the cash rebate, or low-interest loan offer?

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